Friendly, sincere, generous and helpful. Can't say fairer than that.

Buyer , 20 Oct 2021

We liked James from the outset. Down to earth guy, instantly likeable, sincere, and with answers and opinions that were welcome and encouraging as we tentatively explored our immediate and future possibilities with the property. We thoroughly enjoyed dealing with James (and Ken!), feeling comfortable and reassured throughout. My wife did most of the negotiating but I found James forthright and genuine with the straight-talking few questions I had. I didn't have the time nor energy for pussy-footing around and appreciated James' candour and indeed negotiation on our behalf. James' communication skills were excellent and appreciated and we felt comfortable ringing him at at time throughout. In conjunction with a kind gesture from the owners, James got us the keys regardless when settlement was delayed through no fault of our own and with his own tremendous gesture, had our locks changed for us without prompting. (sorry if I've inadvertently stuck you in a hole by revealing that James, your good deed may cost you dear in the long run :) ) James got a few odd things fixed for us before we moved in and we even ended up using his Settlement Agent recommendation which came in cheaper for us thanks to his industry-wide contacts. We are more than satisfied with James and highly recommend. Top man.