Professional and Engaged

John Gilmore (vendor) , 28 Jul 2021

James was the selling agent when I first purchased my unit as an investment. While acting professionally for the seller he gave me very good information about rental rates in the area and what I could expect to rent the unit out for once it was renovated. His predictions were very accurate. When it came time to sell the unit several years later I went straight back to him. Once again his pricing guide for the area was spot on and the unit sold quickly for very near to the full asking price. James was excellent and timely about communicating the results of home opens and ultimately the buyer came form his own contact list of interested investors. I would have no hesitation in engaging James again if I were needing to sell and recommended him to my brother in law to sell a unit he needed to move on. The market had changed and was very difficult and my brother in law had had two other agents unsuccessfully market the unit over 8 months. James gave him a much more realistic price guide, marketed it aggressively and managed to sell the unit at a fair price in a reasonable time frame.