James Yeoman, a very professional agent

Bob and Karen , 13 May 2020

We decided to put our rental unit on the market. We owned the unit for 27 years and thought it was time to cash up and enjoy the benefits.

We selected a well know agent and thought it will sell quickly as the agent, so we expected, would have a big clientele. We paid all the required fees to get it on the market. One thing we found hard to understand, the agent would never give us a positive selling price. After about four or five months, and no realistic offers, we had to renegotiate another contract with more fees to keep it on the market. A further three months with nothing positive, we didn’t know whether to take it off the market or change agents.

With all the money we had already spent we were reluctant to change agents. Then I remembered about brochures we used to receive every year in the post from an agent named James Yeoman. We started receiving the brochures in 2012. For some reason I kept these brochures as I thought at the time, “This guy appears to be very proactive and persistent. I might need him later on”

We contacted James and within two days we had our first meeting with him. We were very impressed with his up front approach and his positive valuation of the property. There was no price juggling, he told us about the market and what price we would expect to get. The unit went on the market early September, and after three Saturdays of home opens, we had a positive offer. After a little negotiation, four days later the sale documents were signed. The selling price was bit less, but after a year of messing around and false hopes this didn’t worry us.
From first contact to signing the documents was a total of 3 weeks. FANTASTIC.

We were very impressed with James. He was very efficient with the home open days, he was very punctual with his phone calls and very prompt with details and paperwork. He was a very professional agent.

We would definitely recommend James Yeoman as a selling agent.

A sincere thank you to James