Walter Iustini

Walter Iustini

Strata Sales Specialist

Walter has over  20 years of business and marketing experience, as well as being an organised and reliable sales professional.

Walter's experience extends to providing professional advice on Real Estate matters, apart from residential sales, he has also sold commercial properties, leases and negotiated on behalf of clients, as a Buyer’s agent.

This simply means, he has the experience to assist with his clients goals in Buying and or selling properties.

KPR and Walter Specialise in Strata properties being units, villas and town houses and this gives confidence to buyers that we have the experience to justify the prices quoted in our marketing.

For sellers, Walter can provide advice on what your property is likely to sell at in today’s property market and can also help with ways to cost effectively make small changes to his clients property to improve its value and ultimately attaining the best possible result for you.

 With Walter and the backing of the KPR team it can only be a winning combination.